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LazerGuide™ - Smart Measurement Tape

We recently moved into a new house that needed a lot of renovation and after getting frustrated with the retractable measure multiple times I was looking for something better. Using it for the first time it has a ton of features and they're all super easy to use. I checked the accuracy against my old measure and it's spot on. All in all very happy with this product and my trim work looks way better now!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Chris Webb
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Doing DIY renovations requires accurate dimensions but hiring professional help can often be expensive. This results in manual measurements of big/small spaces which is not only tedious but can result in major errors. The longterm effects of inaccurate measurements can cause doubt, insecurity and in some cases, costly to correct later on.

The LazerGuide™ features double laser transmitters that enable precision measurements in under 0.2 seconds. The LazerGuide displays accurate distance calculation with its OLED screen and fits perfectly in any pocket. Experience the ease of creating highly precise floor plans in minutes, while protecting from backaches and pains.




PRECISE MEASUREMENT: Double laser transmitters ensure the LazerGuide™ is stable and accurate up to +-2mm. Be assured of precise data for work or leisure.

WIDE APPLICATION: The LazerGuide™ can be used to measure rooms, windows, and furniture of up to 30m. This provides versatility depending on the type of work.

BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: The LazerGuide™ saves real-time data onto mobile with Bluetooth connection. Enjoy the convenience of information on the go.

RECHARGEABLE: The LazerGuide™ features a universal Type-C charging port. Enjoy convenience and savings by sharing commonly used charging cables.

POCKET-SIZE: Winner of the red dot design award, LazerGuide™ adopts a minimalist style that is super small. Perfect for one-handed measurements and fits into any pocket.

We understand how exhausting it is when measuring a big space alone and the inconvenience. It can be very frustrating to be repeatedly measuring the same distance just to make sure it is accurate and correct. A survey shows at least 3 in 10 homeowners perform home renovation works themselves.

With the LazerGuide™, an accurate and exact layout can be measured in minutes, saving time and effort. The LazerGuide™ provides more than precise measurements, it is pocket-sized and displays live data for reno works. Enjoy effortless measurement convenience, with precise accuracy and real-time data transmitted right into any device!




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Height: 73 mm

Width: 33.2 mm

Thickness: 16.8 mm


QN: How far can the LazerGuide™ measure?

ANS: The LazerGuide™ can measure up to a maximum of 30m.

QN: How accurate is the LazerGuide™

ANS: The LazerGuide™ is accurate up to +-2mm of precision.

QN: How can I charge the LazerGuide™ and how long does it take to fully charge?

ANS: The LazerGuide™ is compatible with any type-c charging cable and takes approximately 100min to fully charge.