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RevRoll™ - Volcanic Oil-Absorbing Roller

Matte Black
Blush Pink
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 “Love this roller! It's like magic! I bought this for my eyelids as rubbing with oil absorbing paper was a little rough on my lash extensions. I tried this out and it works so well! It doesn't rub my lashes against my eye and it's small enough to get all the crevices. It absorbs all the oil too, it leaves me completely oil free without feeling dry.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - B. Nguyen
✅ Verified Buyer


After a hard day’s work, going on a night out with friends to chill and relax can be ruined by an oily and sticky face. This may result in acne breakouts & clogged pores but using regular blotting paper is not eco-friendly and can ruin carefully applied makeup. The long-term effects of oily skin can cause insecurity, lack of confidence and even poor self-esteem.

The revolutionary RevRoll™ features real volcanic stone that is able to absorb excess sebum for that natural shine-free look. Volcanic stones have little pockets of porous holes to trap oils, making RevRoll™ the perfect skin-mattifying companion. Experience the confidence of smooth and radiant skin that looks its natural-best, while preventing oily pores.



REAL VOLCANIC STONE: The RevRoll™ is made of real volcanic stone that is rich in minerals and highly absorbent. Soothe and restore skin effortlessly with every roll.

MAKE-UP SAFE: Compared to blotting paper, the RevRoll™ doesn’t affect applied make-up by gently absorbing excess sebum. Rest assured that only oil is removed.

REUSABLE & WASHABLE: The RevRoll™ can be washed with gentle soap and air-dried. Save money and the environment compared to single-use blotting paper.

PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: Weighing less than 30g and measuring only 8 cm long, the RevRoll™ fits perfectly in the purse. Mattify skin anywhere, anytime for all occasions.

We understand how frustrating it can be when the perfect look is ruined by oily-looking skin on a night out or a special occasion. It can be tricky and difficult to redo the makeup or use blotting paper that may smudge the carefully applied blusher. Studies show a 56% increase in sebum production when skin is exposed to sun, pollution and radiation.

With the RevRoll™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with clogged pores and oily skin. The RevRoll™ is more than a regular oil remover, it provides therapeutic minerals that nourish & gives the skin an instant boost. Enjoy new-found confidence wherever you go, with gorgeous-looking skin that matches any occasion!


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(1) X RevRoll™, Color of your choice.


Height: 8 cm

Width: 3 cm


QN: Can I use the RevRoll™ over my makeup?

ANS: Absolutely! RevRoll™ is makeup safe and will not smudge or affect existing makeup.

QN: Can the RevRoll™ be reused?

ANS: 100%. The RevRoll™ can be washed with gentle soap and air-dried and it can be used again. 

QN: Can I use the RevRoll™ if I have sensitive skin?

ANS: The RevRoll™ is made of Natural Porous Volcanic Stone and is hypoallergenic. However, we advise rolling the RevRoll™ on a small area to test for allergic reactions before using it entirely on the face.