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Telipod™ - Face Tracking Tripod

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“Super easy to use, the phone holder fits my phone perfectly! It’s a great product to make videos, and not even need to use Bluetooth or any app. I use it for video chats, and It also helps to attend the zoom meetings and other video meetings. Very sturdy and the swivel action on the head is fantastic. The facial recognition is spot on most of the time is a lot. I like the fact that I can attach it to my tripod, it makes filming so effortless.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  James
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Taking videos and photos on smartphones has become part of everyday life, especially when doing professional product unboxing and reviews. This can lead to constantly having to adjust camera angles to fit certain frames and needing to retake if out of view. Poorly shot clips can cause frustration, multiple reshoots or worse, poor social media engagement.

The Telipod™ features Artificial Intelligence that ensures the subject’s face and body never leave the video frame. Each Telipod™ achieves the perfect video on the first shot with smart facial tracking that allows 360° rotation. Optimize filming experience with hands-free motion and intelligent monitoring, while maintaining quality video content.


FACIAL TRACKING: With Artificial Intelligence, the Telipod™ ensures the user is never out of the video frame. Shoot organic motion content with stability and reliability.

360° ROTATION: The Telipod™ features a free-moving 360° gimbal that follows the user everywhere. Never worry about being out of camera view again.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE BATTERY: The in-built lithium battery can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. Take quality videos anywhere for the entire day.

SMART LENS: The Telipod™ boasts a 3-layer optical lens with a millisecond response time. Capture every movement that engages viewers to see more.


We understand how frustrating it can be when your videos are restricted to certain angles which curtails creativity. It can be a waste of time when constantly having to reshoot clips because naturalmovements are not captured when out of view. On average, videos get 1200% more shares than text and images combined, making them more attractive to influencers and advertisers.

With the Telipod™, shoot videos with peace of mind that every movement and detail will be captured with precisionThe Telipod™ takes more than just regular rigid videos, it allows users to incorporate organic movements and gestures. Experience a new way of filming highly engaging content that doesn't break the bank and can be done alone!


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(1) X Telipod™, Color of your choice
(1) X Charging cable


Speed: about 42 ° / S
Field of view: 105 degrees
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
Endurance: about 6-8 hours
Charging port: Type-C
Power: 5V 1A
Fuselage size: 19.7 (height) x5.2 (fuselage diameter)
Base size: 10cm/3.93in
Unit weight: About 320g


QN: Does the Telipod™ require an app to work?

ANS: It does not require an app.

QN: How long can the Telipod™ last on a single charge?

ANS: Approx 6-8 hours.

QN: How big does the phone grip open up to?

ANS: It opens up to a maximum of 3.2 inches, compatible with most phone models.

QN: Can the Telipod™ track animals and pets?

ANS: No it can't. It only tracks human faces.