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ArcRobo™ - Robot Window Cleaner

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This is a great product and well worth the money. Easy to use, does a very adequate job leaving only minor details that are quick to clean once it has done its job and best of all......no streaks! This is impossible with traditional methods. Very happy with this product and highly recommend.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lee M
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Full-length and high windows are beautiful and let in a good amount of light but require a long time to clean and can be dangerous. Using a ladder is a common occurrence but often high-risk and the result is hiring help which can be expensive. The long-term cost of outsourcing window washing can add up significantly and may be hazardous to DIY.

The ArcRobo™ window cleaner provides an easy and convenient solution to any window cleaning needs. Each ArcRobo™ features double adsorption vacuum and AI technology that not only provides a safe option but hands-free cleaning. Enjoy clear and bright windows with accident-free clean-up while sitting back and appreciating the outside scenery.



AI TECHNOLOGY: With intuitive cleaning technology, the ArcRobo™ will get windows clean quickly and efficiently. Sit back, relax and have a cuppa!

SAFE & SECURE: The ArcRobo™ features powerful double adsorption and safety rope attachment. Enjoy peace of mind knowing the device is secured.

INTELLIGENT CLEANING: Each ArcRobo™ uses memes detection system to detect edges. This ensures every inch of the window is scrubbed and polished.

REMOTE CONTROLLED: Use the remote control to guide the ArcRobo™ or simply preset it to the desired mode. Enjoy wireless control from the comfort of the couch.

MICROFIBER CLOTH: Using 0.4um microfiber cloth, the ArcRobo™ ensures thorough absorption of dust and grime. Experience hand-cleaned windows in comfort.

We understand how dangerous and exhausting it can be when cleaning windows’ exteriors, especially if you live on high floors. It can be back-breaking & precarious to manually maintain window panes in a clear and clean state. A survey shows the number one cause of accidents among window cleaners involves a ladder mishap.

With the ArcRbo™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief at effortless and accident-free window cleaning. The ArcRobo™ cleans more than windows, it is perfect for polishing parquet floors or marble tiles as well. Enjoy clear and brightly lit rooms with shiny and glossy windows, that are easy to maintain and clean!




(1) X ArcRobo™

(1) X Power cord + adapter

(1) X Remote control

(2) X Cleaning rings

(1) X Safety rope

(2) X Cleaning cloths

(1) Instruction manual



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Size: 295mm x 148mm x 90mm

Weight: 900g

Wipe Speed: 4 min / m2

Cord length: 5m

Voltage: 110V-240V


QN: Does the ArcRobo™ work on a shower wall tile?

ANS: It depends on the depth of tile joints and the rugosity of tiles. If tiles are vitrified and joints are shallow or inexistent - enough to keep the robot suctioning- it most probably will. 

QN: Can the cleaning cloth be washed?

ANS: Yes, with light detergent and do not use fabric softener.

QN: Will the ArcRobo™ work on single-pane windows?

ANS: It should work on any smooth glass surface, double or single pane. Most important thing is that it has some type of frame around it for the ArcRobo™ to bump up against so it knows it is at the end of the glass. 

QN: Will the ArcRobo™ work on any glass surface?

ANS: Yes, but do take note that the glass should be a minimum of 6mm thick.