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Chic-Lamp™ - Wireless Charging LED Lamp

Nordic BurlyWood
Metal White

“I love this so much! Can’t wait to buy another one for my husband’s nightstand. Bright enough for me to read a book in bed, and the speaker is amazing! I love love love this and can’t say enough great things about it!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Bonnie Lynn
Verified Buyer


In today’s hyper-connected culture, disconnecting before bed is paramount to enjoying a restful night’s sleep. Unfortunately, having multiple electrical devices at the bedside not only looks unsightly but can affect mood and emotions when preparing for sleep. The long-term effects of unhealthy bedside mess may unwittingly cause anxiety, discomfort or worse, insomnia.

The minimalist Chic-Lamp™ combines all bedside essentials into one sleek device, delivering a clean and soothing environment. Each Chic-Lamp™ features wireless mobile charging, adjustable warm light and Bluetooth stereo speakers, ideal for sleep relaxation or romantic candlelight dinner. Experience the peace of a calming sleep ambience, while enjoying favorite wind-down routine.


3-IN-1 SMART LAMPThe Chic-Lamp™ features a wireless charger, Bluetooth speakers and customizable warm light. One device to set up a relaxing and calming bedside environment.

ADJUSTABLE AMBIENT LIGHT: The Chic-Lamp™ has eye-protecting warm light at three different brightness with touch control. Choose the desired lighting for a relaxing mood.

✅ FAST & WIRELESS CHARGING: Each Chic-Lamp™ is fitted with 10W powerful fast charging technology. Wake up with a fully charged phone, ready for the day ahead.
BLUETOOTH CONNECTION: Easily connect mobile phone to Chic-Lamp™ via Bluetooth pairing. Freely answer calls or enjoy favorite music with HD sound quality.


We understand how unconscious anxiety creeps in when we see a cluttered and messy area, especially near our sleeping space. It can be frustrating having to constantly twist and turn wires to get them to stay in the desired state, especially when feeling sleepy. Researchers have found a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and high levels of clutter in one’s sleeping environment, causing high levels of anxiety.

With the Chic-Lamp™, take a deep breath and sigh with relief to no longer face issues with a cluttered bedside environment. The Chic-Lamp™ is more than a night lamp, it provides powerful mobile fast-charging and Bluetooth speakers for relaxing music. Enjoy a restful sleep in calming and soothing bedroom surroundings that provides a sense of peace and serenity!




(1) X Chic-Lamp™, the color of your choice

(1) X Charging cable

(1) X User manual


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Weight: 380g

Power Output: 10W


QN: Is the Chic-Lamp™ compatible with my phone?

ANS: The Chic-Lamp is compatible with most mainstream models with a wireless charging function. ie. Apple/Samsung/Xiaomi/Sony.

QN: Can I adjust the angle of the light?

ANS: Yes, it is adjustable.

QN: How many types of light can the Chic-Lamp™ emit?

ANS: The Chic-Lamp emits only warm light but it has 3 levels of brightness.