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CleanVibe™ - Ultrasonic Face Scrub

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“I really did my research and then stumbled upon a great review someone left that compared 4 separate cleaning brushes that ultimately selected this one as one of the top ones.
1. 3 different thicknesses of brushes on one surface, which is able to deep clean as well as general clean.
2. Love the shape and size. It can get into the crevices around my nose. Very flat device and easy to tuck away in my vanity.
3. Great feel. It's soft and not too abrasive.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Anjali Ganess
Verified Buyer



Regular face washing merely cleans the superficial skin layer but leaves the deeper dermis level blocked and unwashedThis results in clogged pores which causes a dull-looking complexion and also triggers acne breakouts. The long-term effects of not deep cleansing can cause loss of skin elasticity, blemishes, or worse, accelerate the aging process.

The CleanVibe™ features Dual Frequency Ultrasonic Technology that delivers deep purification of the skin dermis. Each CleanVibe™ ensures the extraction of impurities with its award-winning design of 3 different thicknesses of brushes on a single surface. Experience invigorating cleanse with each wash to achieve fresh and revitalized skin for a youthful and smooth complexion.




ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: The CleanVibe™ features Dual-Frequency innovation that achieves a new level of cleaning. Remove impurities from being out all day for fresh & spotless skin.

3-LAYER CLEANSING: With 3 distinct brush segments, the CleanVibe™ provides thorough cleaning in one device. Save time by achieving a complete cleanse in a single step. 


MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE: Every CleanVibe™ is made of FDA-Approved Medical-Grade silicone. This ensures a smooth and hygienic routine that eliminates bacteria. 

MULTI-SPEED MODE: The CleanVibe™ has a 3-speed function that allows users to choose based on requirements. Use it for gentle morning wash or end-of-day deep purification.


We understand how self-conscious we can be when our complexion is less than 100% and suffering from acne breakouts. It can be very frustrating to be constantly looking for the perfect skincare routine which can be tedious and expensive. Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting up to 50 million Americans annually.

With the CleanVibe™, a fresh and clean complexion is conveniently and easily achieved with daily cleansing. The CleanVibe™ cleanses deeper than the superficial layer, providing thorough extraction of impurities and irritants. Enjoy new-found confidence, with smooth and flawless skin that glows from the inside out!

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(1) X CleanVibe™, Color of your choice
(1) X Charging cable



Height: 30.4mm

Width: 53mm


QN: Is the CleanVibe™ water resistant?

ANS: Yes, it's rated IPX7 and can be used in the shower or during baths.

QN: Can I use the CleanVibe™ daily?

ANS: 100%. It is recommended to use gentle mode in the morning and deep mode at the end of the day.