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EZPen™ - AirPods Cleaner

“I've had my AirPods (2nd gen) for a couple of years and use them daily. Lately, I noticed that the sound was muffled so I bought this simple tool and was amazed by how easy it was to use and how much the sound quality improved. Great value and much-improved sound immediately. Very pleased!”

 -  Amy Pil
 Verified Buyer



Listening to music on wireless earbuds has become an important part of the hustle and bustle of daily commuting. This can result in earwax & dust accumulating in the AirPods which not only traps bacteria & germs but can dull the quality of sound produced. Left alone, this can decrease the lifespan of the AirPods or worse, cause ear infections.

The 3-in-1 EZPen™ features a unique combination of tools that allows gentle yet meticulous cleaning of AirPods. Each EZPen™ enables the removal of debris and dirt from the AirPods as well as the charging case. Optimize listening experience with crystal clear sound quality while keeping AirPods in tip-top condition.




✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN: With the EZPen™, clean both the AirPods as well as the charging case. This ensures the maintenance of optimal sound quality and proper charging capabilities. 

✅ DELICATE & SOFT: Featuring a flocking sponge, the EZPen™ allows for gentle removal of debris & dust from the device. Save money by keeping the AirPods in peak working condition.



✅ HIGH-DENSITY BRUSH: The EZPen™ includes a high-density brush to thoroughly remove all dirt from the sound outlet of the AirPods. This maintains maximal sound quality output.

✅ METAL PEN TIP: On one end of the EZPen™ is a metal tip that enables the removal of the toughest earwax & gunk. Enjoy a hygienic listening experience by eliminating hidden microbes & germs.


We understand how frustrating it can be when you are bored and require music to energize, refresh your mind and improve productivity. It can be a waste of money when the few hundred dollars AirPods suddenly stops working or produces muffled and dull sounds. On average, earbuds last only 6-9 months if not properly maintained and this results in money down the drain.

WIth the EZPen™, AirPods emitting impaired sound quality or loss of sound for no apparent reason will be thing of the past. The EZPen™ is more than a cleaning tool, it helps maintain optimal sound quality and provides a clean listening experience. Enjoy music on the go with fresh AirPods that serves crystal clear beats with increased durability for the most bang for your buck!

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(1) X EZPen™, Color of your choice


Height: 10.8 cm

Width: 1.3 cm


QN: Can the EZPen™ clean all brands of earbuds?

ANS: Yes, it is suitable for cleaning all brands of wired & wireless earbuds.

QN: Should I use water to clean my earbuds?

ANS: No, never use water to clean earbuds or charging case.

QN: How do I clean the charging case?

ANS: Insert the end with the flocking sponge and gently use up/down motion to clear dust and debris from the charging points.