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FrostCup™ - Quick-Freezing Cup

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“This product really does what it says it does. I didn’t believe it, but my son makes instantly frozen cups daily. After washing, place the cup in the freezer, without water, and magic happened. I told him if needed water, and he told me it didn’t. After a few hours of chilling in the freezer, my son took great pleasure in proving me wrong and teaching me how this cup works.”

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It's summertime and the heat is on! With temperatures soaring, it can be hard to cool down and stay hydrated. With the sweltering heat wave, it's too hot to do anything and can cause a headache or worse, a heat strokeThe long-term effects of elevated body temperature can lead to light-headedness, frustration and fatigue.

The FrostCup™ features a unique quick-freeze capability that enables liquid to be frozen in an instantEach FrostCup ™ allows users to rapidly turn any liquid into slush, allowing for an ice-cold beverage for heat relief.  Enjoy the comfort of an icy drink that provides immediate relief from the relentless heat, while saving time and money.





INSTANT FREEZE: The FrostCup™ featuresfreezing technology that transforms sugary drinks into fresh slush in an instant. Wait no longer for that ice-cold beverage. 

FOOD-GRADE: Each FrostCup™ is made with food-grade silicone that is FDA approved. Enjoy the frozen beverage with peace of mind.

✅ MULTIPURPOSE: The freeze pouch in every FrostCup™ is able to slush anything from milk to Moscato. Have fun with the family making healthy beverages for everyone.

ELECTRIC-FREE: Made of high-qualitymaterials, the FrostCup™ is completely electric-free. Simply use warm water and light detergent to wash it with no risk.


  1. Put the FrostCup™ in the cooler compartment of the refrigerator for 4~5 hours.
  2. Take out the FrostCup™ and pour soda, cola or milk into the cup and squeeze the cup body.
  3. In just a few minutes, the smoothie is done. 


We understand how frustrating it can be when the weather is blazing and there is no respite from the heat. It can be detrimental to overall health to be constantly in a hot environment and have to wait hours for a beverage to cool. On average, heatwaves harm more people annually in the U.S. than hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes combined.

With the FrostCup™, waiting hours for your favorite beverage to cool will be a thing of the past. The FrostCup™ is a lifesaver when the temperature is soaring, it enables any flavored liquid to be instantly transformed into a smoothie. Enjoy the nutritious fruit sorbet or vegetable frappe in a moment while getting relief from the sweltering heatwave!


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(1) X FrostCup™, Color of your choice


Volume: 7.1 fl oz, 210ml.


QN: Is the FrostCup™ dishwasher safe?

ANS: No, but it's easy to clean. Just use soap and run it under warm water.

QN: How do I clean the FrostCup™

ANS: Just use soap and run it under warm water. Do not use metal or sharp objects to clean the freeze pouch.

QN: Can I freeze ANY liquid?

ANS: As long as the liquid contains sugar. So plain water won't work.