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Ilumenous™ - Ring Flash Phone Case

Phone Model

 “Love the three levels of light. The three levels of light give me the glow I need to take perfect selfie pictures and to look great for my meetings. Excellent choice and amazing price.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Millie Pujals
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Lifestyle selfies are common nowadays but a photo taken with poor lighting does not do the person, moment or location justice. This results in unfulfilling memories which not only look mediocre but do not reflect the significance and beauty back then. The effects of dim-quality images can affect past recollections which may lead to anxiety, pity and in some cases, regretfulness.

The Ilumenous™ phone case features built-in ring light, which lights up photos and videos and captures the best moments. The Ilumenous™ offers foldable 3-mode selfie light as well as drop protection that enables high-quality selfies. Experience the satisfaction of taking highly flattering selfies and videos that is worthy to be looked back upon.





ENGAGING CONTENT: The Ilumenous™ features a foldablepowerful front & back facing LED ring light built into the case. Capture the best life moments to look back upon.

ADJUSTABLE LIGHT: The Ilumenous™ boasts light intensity adjustment technology to suit the environment. Choose to dim or intensify the brightness wherever the location.

IMPACT RESISTANT: Made of impact-resistant plastic, the Ilumenous™ offers protection against shock. Enjoy peace of mind with a well-protected phone.

RECHARGEABLE: Every Ilumenous™ is rechargeable and can last up to 2.5 hours on a full charge. Rest assured that the LED light will work for important occasions.

3-LIGHT MODES: The Ilumenous™ features 3 light modes cool, warm and mix of both. This versatility allows a choice based on that special moment.


  1. Click the button to toggle between light modes and to turn on/off
  2. Long press to adjust the intensity of the light
  3. Double-click the button to enter the flash mode / SOS flash mode
  4. Flick the button down to flip the ring light to front facing.
  5. Take beautiful and stunning photos!

We understand how frustrating it can be when there is not enough light to take a good-looking photo. It can be challenging to constantly angle and position the phone just to take a decent selfie before the moment is gone. One of the top ways experts recommend for taking highly engaging photos is to ensure there is ample lighting.

With the Ilumenous™, selfies that are unclear, unappealing and substandard will be a thing of the past. The Ilumenous™ supplies more than light, it provides tough protection against shock but adopts a sleek & modern design. Take flattering and perfect selfies that capture the perfect moment, for future generations to admire!




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Compatible Brand: APPLE

Material: PC+ABS



QN: Can I use the Iumenous™ to take photos/videos with front and back cameras?

ANS: Yes, the Ilumenous™ can be flipped for use with the front as well as back cameras.

QN: How long does the Ilumenous™ take to fully charge?

ANS: If the battery is flat, it takes approximately 90mins to charge the Ilumenous™ fully.

QN: Can I charge the Ilumenous™ with any USB cable?

ANS: The Ilumenous™ can only be charged with a lightning cable.