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PortaWash™ - Portable Washing Machine

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  It’s a fantastic machine-it’s definitely something you could take with you away or in an RV or something where you have electricity and need to wash underwear or a swimsuit or something. It’s big enough for 2 adult tshirts. Good item for a dorm, hotel, for parents of babies. I would imagine good to clean items you don’t want in your washer or small items that can hang dry.

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Going on a camping trip with the kids and providing an opportunity to connect with nature can be stressful if not well-prepared. Children are not accustomed to the rough and tumble nature of outdoor living and may kick up a fuss, especially with dirty clothes. The effects of kids’ challenging behaviors and possibly allergic reactions can ruin that family bonding time.

The convenient PortaWash™ portable washing machine can be folded and fits into any suitcase for all laundry needs. Each PortaWash™ also features dirty water drainage and a spin-dryer for clean and crisp clothes. Experience the joys of outdoor camping and exploring nature, while ensuring hygiene and cleanliness are not compromised.



COMPACT PORTABILITY: The PortaWash™ can be folded into approximately the size of a tablet. Wash dirty clothes anywhere and on the go.

3 WASH MODES: Choose from 3 modes of washing depending on how dirty the laundry is. From light washing to heavy cleaning, the PortaWash™ can do it.

LARGE CAPACITY: Each PortaWash™ can hold up to 3kg of laundry once fully expanded. Rest assured that the whole family can enjoy clean clothes.

DRAINAGE BASKET: The PortaWash™ features a detachable drainage basket that can be used to spin dry laundry. Wash and dry clothes quickly.

HIGH POWER MOTOR: Each PortaWash™ boasts a 36W copper high-power motor for powerful cleaning. Rest assured clothes will be washed thoroughly.

BLUE LIGHT STERILIZATION: The PortaWash™ uses blue light technology to kill bacteria and mold. Ensure everyone is kept safe from unhealthy germs.

We understand how uncomfortable it is when we don’t have clean underwear, socks and clothes when out camping. It can be time-consuming and tiring to constantly have to hand wash dirty laundry and wait for it to dry. A survey shows that one of the top complaints when people go camping is that it's dirty, stressful and can be uncomfortable.

With the PortaWash™, camping and outdoor adventures can be enjoyable and stress-free for everyone. The PortaWash™ is more than a washing machine, it can be used to quickly spin dry wet laundry and even to wash fruits. Enjoy a new way of camping, with clean and comfortable clothes that allow quality bonding time for the whole family!


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(1) X PortaWash™

(1) X Detachable drain basket

(1) X Power cable


Fully expanded:

Width :205 mm

Length: 205 mm

Height: 260 mm


Width :205 mm

Length: 205 mm

Height: 110 mm

Rated voltage: 110V ~ 260V

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz


QN: What can I wash with the PortaWash™?

ANS: The PortaWash™ allows washing light clothes, delicates and even fruits. It's handy for camping and outdoor usage due to its foldability. 

QN: Can I wash jeans and blankets with PortaWash™?

ANS: The PortaWash™ is in no way a replacement for a washing machine.
The PortaWash™ works well for cloths, underwear, and T-shirts.

QN: Can the PortaWash™ work wirelessly?

ANS: No, the PortaWash™ needs to be plugged into a power supply in order to work.