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Slumber Swaddle™ - Luscious Swaddle Blanket

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"My baby is not one for swaddling but this fuzzy, warm, soft blanket is perfect for what she both needs & is willing to accept as far as restraint goes. She wears it practically everyday & I would recommend this to others looking for a flexible blanket/swaddle for newborns & small babies."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jace Page 
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Most babies have trouble sleeping because they startle themselves awake, so many parents use swaddling to get their babies to fall and stay asleep. Unfortunately, using a regular cloth for swaddling is troublesome as there are many steps to be followed and requires a large space. This often results in the swaddle being either too tight or too loose and an agitated baby. 

The Slumber Swaddle™ features pockets to fit baby’s legs and easy-velcro side panels, taking the guesswork out of swaddling. It also mimics the warmth and comfort that babies feel when held close to a parent which recreates the feeling of being cuddled. Enjoy the effortless satisfaction of the perfect swaddle, keeping little one resting and sleeping peacefully.



LUSCIOUS SOFTNESS: Made with 100% cotton, the Slumber Swaddle™ is extremely breathable, hypoallergenic and soft. The incredible softness of this swaddle blanket makes it ideal for a baby's soft skin.

MORE THAN A BLANKET: The expandable cotton wings of the Slumber Swaddle™ make it suitable as a stroller blanket, for the nursery or as a sleeping sack. This impressive versatility is perfect for any weather to keep cozy and snug, whether it's a walk in the park or lazing at home. 



SAFE SLEEP: The unique hook & loop adjustment makes Slumber Swaddle™ the swaddle of choice for safe sleep education as it encourages babies to sleep on their backs. Feel safe knowing experts recommend back sleeping as it prevents sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

SECURE COMFORT: The Slumber Swaddle features a generous sack design with secure velcro fasteners that allows room for kicking while ensuring a perfect fit. This provides long-wear comfort for the little one as well as the development of healthy hips!



  1. Fully spread out the Slumber Swaddle™ on a soft, flat surface.

  2. Place baby's legs into individual leg sleeves.

  3. Velcro the side panels to desired snugness.

  4. See little one resting comfortably!


We understand the frustration of not getting a traditional swaddle right, exacerbated by complicated wrapping techniques that involves specific steps. This can lead to a swaddle that is either too tight or too loose, which will further upset your baby.Studies have shown that a poorly fastened swaddle may pose a risk if the fabric used to swaddle a baby comes loose as it can increase the risk of suffocation.

The Slumber Swaddle™ is the perfect solution for swaddling your baby as it's easy to use and hassle-free! With the anchored legs sleeve and adjustable velcro side panels, it provides a secure yet comfortable wrap. Enjoy the ease of putting your baby to peaceful sleep by recreating the feeling of being back inside the womb, a familiar and calming experience!


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Size Guide

- 0-3 months 62cm(L) X 78cm(W) (Fully expanded)

- 3-6 months 70cm(L) X 84cm(W) (Fully expanded)

- 6-9 months 78cm(L)X 90cm (W) (Fully expanded)


QN: Can the blanket be washed?

ANS: Yes, use a light detergent to wash.