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SuppBottle™ - Pillbox Water Bottle

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“This water bottle is just brilliant, extremely convenient. I don’t have to carry a separate pill box and the best part is I never forget to take my supplements!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Crystal Ellis
✅ Verified Buyer


In today’s fast-paced andbusy lifestyle, it is essential to take supplements and medications to maintain good health. Unfortunately, being on the go often meansforgetting to take them and may result in chronic ailments not being managed properly or worse,deteriorating health. Prolonged nutritionaldeficiencies may cause inability to focus, low energy and evendepression.

The 3-in-1 SuppBottle™ combines the timeless appeal of a classic water bottle withconvenient and practicalfunctionality. Its built-in pill organizer labelled with days of the week makes it easy to remember to take meds or supplements when taking a sip of water. Achieveoptimal wellbeing by staying on top of daily pills and staying wellhydrated!


BUILT-IN PILLBOX: Made with a built-in pillbox and a lid that functions as a cup, the SuppBottle™ is a revolutionary way to store & take meds/vitamins. Perfect for everyday use, whether at work or on the go.

LEAK-PROOF & BPA-FREE: The SuppBottle™ isdurable, BPA-free, and comes with aleak-proof cap. Its handy size fits in any handbag or backpack and is the perfect choice for well-being needs.

LABELLED COMPARTMENTS: The organizer is easily removable for refills and has compartments that are labelled with days of the week. Take the correct pills on the correct days and replenish them easily.

We understand howdetrimental it is to forget to take medication and health supplements, potentially with seriousadverse health consequences. This can lead toanxiety about healthdeteriorating or exacerbating existing medical issues. It's estimated that 75% of Americans havetrouble taking medicine as directed.

With the  SuppBottle™, forgetting to take your meds and vitamins will be a thing of the past. The built-in pill organiser serves as areminder to take them whenever you have a sip of water. The SuppBottle™️ is arevolutionary all-in-one health companion ensuring good habits foroptimum wellbeing!


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(1) X SuppBottle™, Color of your choice


Height: 24 cm

Width: 7.5 cm


QN: How much fluid can the SuppBottle™ hold?

ANS: 600ml

QN: What material is the SuppBottle™ made of?

ANS: BPA-free Tritan plastic